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Mariachi II :: Follows Mariachi I

TEKS Strand Expectations
Foundations: Music Literacy Students continue to develop and refine technical skills and increase their music knowledge with their performance and listening selections. Listening experiences refine melodic and harmonic pitch.
Creative Expression

Within the class format, students perform music by memory and notation, and they are part of more than one ensemble group. Students' individualism and independence are demonstrated through their preparation (writing and arrangement) of music for performance. Students gain greater depth of knowledge, independence, and personal and musical skills. In preparation for a performance, students may do the following:
• Write program notes
• Create personal journals reflecting the thought processes used in rehearsal and presentation
• Develop inventories of technical skills
• Develop and discover technical exercises that assist in the refinement of performance skills
• Make recommendations for the completion of projects

Historical and Cultural Relevance Students learn a repertoire selected from different cultures, historical periods, genres, and styles. They might study a composer's musical influences to place the music in a broader social context. Interpretive information in the score and characteristics of similar works from the same time period help students replicate past performances.
Critical Evaluation and Response Teachers help students isolate and define performance problems and concerns. Students practice thoughtful, constructive criticism of ensemble works-in-progress.

Groups such as Mariachi Campanas de America have solidified themselves as one of the finest Mariachis in the world. Students in Mr. Molina's Mariachi Del Rey at King High School begin comparing the instrumentation of their group to the Mariachi Campanas de America.

In addition, they begin listening to the style and nuances of the professional group to try to emulate them in their performances.

One of the most valuable outcomes of their study is a deeper understanding of how to begin sounding like a professional Mariachi group. The class learns a great deal about traditional repertoire for Mariachi and discovers that the format has far more flexibility than they had previous realized.

Differentiation Strategies for Students with Special Needs
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